CannaDAO Statement on Current Development & Upcoming Rebranding

CannaDAO web3 crypto cannabis DAO announces mission and vision rebranding into LEEF

Dear Community!

It’s been a while since we shared the latest updates, and there’s a good explanation for this. Currently, we are working hard on the updated vision for CannaDAO. In the coming weeks, we will introduce the outcome: a new way of applying a DAO within a community that is passionate about truth in cannabis and hemp — and about the urgency of protecting and better understanding the entire natural world.

We strive to design a sustainable web3 solution for the entire cannabis and hemp industry — by providing unsurpassed accessibility to vital information, educational content and global market insights. In this way, our new vision reimagines the magnitude of the impact that our self-governing community can have on the industries within its ecosystem.

We are investing our resources in the expansion of our human capital; our core team is slowly growing as we onboard new and amazing talent. This growth is building the foundation for our efforts to scale up our community and business development activities to truly make a difference.

We would like to express our gratitude for your support, and we can’t wait to present you with mission-critical updates very soon.

Thank you, Team!

Dig deeper into the ongoing processes and the upcoming rebranding with the following press release.

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