CannaDAO: The Future of Finance is GREEN

  • Bring back the original spirit of cannabis communities. By building a decentralized governance platform for cannabis enthusiasts of all over the world, where they can engage in all kinds of self governed communities rallying growers, consumers, scientists, academicians, and investors. By their size, collaboration and being able to come out as a united front, CannaDAO´s communities will have major leverage on the real world: Decide on the future of cannabis, lobbypolitical establishments, lead educational programs, fund scientific researches, and engage in decentralized investment opportunities inaccessible to non privileged individuals. Or you can just be a part of a community to hang out with like minded individuals and not be a militant … you will be the sole decision maker of your place and engagement level in our communities.
  • The opportunity to participate in the real world cannabis industry: By being a token holder, you will be able to participate in the governance process by utilizing token holdings to accept or reject propositions by the community to be a stakeholder in a real grow cannabis operation. By staking tokens and contributing to investment proposals, you can commit to participate in such an operation in exchange for harvest yield rewards
  • Lean, clean and green: Research and promote sustainable production methods for the long term. We want cannabis to keep transcending all the future generations like it has done since the dawn of time. The DAO infrastructure powering communities is 100% adhering to CannaDAO´s be greener mission
  • Be green: NEAR is a third-generation blockchain based on PoS, which is vastly more energy efficient than PoW (think Bitcoin). NEAR wants to build a sustainable system: They are participating in carbon offset projects, like planting trees in Colombia, Zimbabwe and the United States. Thanks to its efforts, NEAR has been awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label from South Pole (​​
  • Focussed around community organisation and DAO: They have built tools for the communities to organize themselves easily and quickly in DAOs, each being able to decide their own model (economy, membership rules, incentives, etc). This is the model adopted by CannaDAO.

About CannaDAO



The future of cannabis is NEAR

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