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6 min readMar 31, 2022


The Canna Farm game launch is getting closer and closer. “4.20”. Mark the date in your calendar!

Canna Farm is designed as a fun play-to-earn crypto game with NFTs, staking, rewards, and a built-in risk protocol. We are really excited for veterans and newcomers to DeFi, NFTs, and crypto gaming to indulge in this whole new world! But we know that diving into the unknown can be daunting sometimes. CannaDAO will run a series of tutorials to get started for absolute beginners (or even for more “advanced” beginners): Be it in the DeFi space or on how to play our game.

This article will first focus on the absolute basics: Installing and setting up a MetaMask wallet. In DeFi, there is no way around it: You need a crypto wallet in order to be your own custodian of your assets, and be able to interact with the different apps (like a crypto game), or exchange assets with other fellow DeFi users. In DeFi, you are basically your own bank: You are in control of your account, which is equivalent to a “wallet” in crypto. Different types of wallets exist, the tutorial will only focus on a ubiquitous one: MetaMask.

Installing MetaMask won’t be enough to get started, though; you will also need a certain amount of a so-called “gas” token to pay for the fees associated with each transaction you will perform. CannaDAO and its game will run on the Ethereum blockchain, for which the gas token is ETH. We will briefly explain later how to send ETH from a CEX to your wallet.

MetaMask can be installed as a Google Chrome extension or as an app on your mobile phone. We will first start with the version as a Google Chrome extension.

MetaMask installation steps

1. Launch your Google Chrome (or compatible browser like Brave for example)

2. Browse to and click on “Download now”

3. Click on “Install MetaMask for Chrome”

4. A new browser tab will open. Click on “Add to Chrome”

5. A popup will appear: Click on “Add extension” to confirm.

6. Google Chrome will proceed with the installation: A file will be downloaded and then installed. The tab will automatically be refreshed to start the setup of MetaMask. Click on “Get Started”.

7. Since it’s the first time you are installing MetaMask, you won’t need to import an existing wallet. Select the option of installing a new wallet by clicking on “Create a Wallet”.

8. Accept or refuse the data-sharing terms of service by MetaMask (Note: Refusing won’t prevent you from proceeding with the creation of the wallet).

9. Create a password: This is local to your browser where the MetaMask is installed. Should you import that wallet into another device, MetaMask will ask you to create a password again. This is not shared across devices, nor across browsers on the same device where MetaMask is installed.

10. The start of a crucial step. The secret recovery phrase (or “seed” phrase) is a set of words that will allow you to recover your wallet (that is, access to your content and continue using it as if nothing happened). It can be useful in case you lost your password, or your device was stolen, or it crashed and you had to reinstall everything. Or you just want to install a second MetaMask on a different device connected to the same wallet.

Anyone besides you who has access to the secret recovery phrase will be able to access your wallet and do any type of operation as you: Buy, sell, unstake, etc. Be extremely careful on how you store that phrase, be it digitally or physically on a piece of paper. The seed phrase must be stored with the exact same sequence of words and with the exact same spelling. Any deviation and you won’t be able to recover your wallet in case of an issue.

MetaMask will first present you with a video that you can watch. Click on “Next” once done.

11. Click on the darkened area to reveal the secret recovery phrase.

12. Take safely a copy of the unveiled secret recovery phrase (hidden for privacy in the screenshot), then click on “Next”.

13. MetaMask will ask you to confirm the secret recovery phrase: Click on the words in the same sequence as the phrase. Then click on “Confirm”.

11. The installation of MetaMask is finished, click on “All Done” to check the newly created wallet details.

12. You will be greeted with the new wallet details: Each wallet has a unique address. By copying and pasting it somewhere else, you will see it in full. That address can be made public (and has that purpose).

12. You can close that browser tab/page. You can always access your wallet by going to the extension icon on the top right corner of your browser and selecting MetaMask.

Funding your newly created wallet

In order to start doing any kind of interactions with crypto apps like the Canna Farm game, you will need to fund your wallet with ETH, to pay for the transaction fees occurring with any kind of transaction on the Ethereum blockchain and to “mint” (that is, to buy) the gen 0 NFT (see Rolling Paper of the game on the Canna Farm website).

So, how do you get ETH to your wallet?

1. The easiest way is to sign up to a Centralized Exchange (like Coinbase, Binance,, Kucoin, Kraken, and many others). You will be able to send funds from your bank account or credit card to your account on the exchange of your choice.

2. Buy ETH on the Centralized Exchange. Look for the function to send (sometimes labeled as “withdraw”) ETH on the Ethereum network.

3. Copy the wallet address of your MetaMask in your clipboard.

3.1 Open your MetaMask from your browser:

3.2 Use the copy function of MetaMask to copy the wallet address to the clipboard.

4. Paste the wallet address in the send/withdraw interface of the Centralized Exchange.

5. Wait a little bit, the speed of transaction depends on the network conditions at that moment (so you could wait a few seconds to much longer): When you check your MetaMask wallet, you will see the amount of ETH you sent from the Centralized Exchange.

6. You are now set to have fun with Canna Farm!

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