In the beautiful green pastures of the Cannaverse, Canna Growers were once happily farming $SEED, in harmony with nature and fellow farmers. But, all that is changing … for the worse. !

Stoned Bankers have their greedy little eyes on the valuable $SEED produced by the farms and they have initiated foreclosures, claiming all the $SEED for themselves. By gathering more $SEED, the owners of the Stoned Bankers can buy more Stoned Bankers and foreclose on even more Canna Farms! Owners can grow their Canna empires and accumulate $SEED.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Stoned Bankers are terrible farmers.Their heavy use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is destroying the soil, harming wildlife on the farm, and worst of all, producing toxic cannabis.…

All would have been lost, until unexpected defenders of nature appeared from the NEAR future. Rebel Humals, time-traveling human-animal hybrids, who vow to defend nature in order to avoid barren soils, mass extinction of wildlife and stop the production of toxic cannabis for future generations!

To achieve their mission, Rebel Humals kidnap the Stoned Bankers and liberate their $SEED. However, being peaceful and loving creatures, they eventually make a tempting offer to the Stoned Bankers: Join a protection program in exchange for a portion of the $SEED produced, bringing an end to their unjust practices.

With the earned $SEED, Rebel Humals are able to educate and force regenerative farming practices on farms owned by protected Stoned Bankers.

Canna.Farm is a play-to-earn gaming protocol for NFTs running on Aurora and tailored for the NEAR blockchain.

Canna.Farm Characters:

Canna.Farm Rules:


The NFT characters will be dropped first on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Canna.Farm game will launch on Aurora in April. Tutorials on how to bridge assets from Ethereum to Aurora will be made available for the players discovering the (frankly awesome!) Aurora and NEAR ecosystems.

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About CannaDAO

CannaDAO is the forefront of a new area in the cannabis industry, aiming to push the boundaries of traditional finance. Following long struggles for cannabis rights, both in recreational and medical use, significant legal breakthroughs in the past decades have led to increased tolerance, decriminalization and legalization around the world.

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The future of cannabis is NEAR

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