• Stoned Bankers and Rebel Humals are NFTs with traits.
  • There will be 4,200 Gen 0 minted in exchange for 0.042 ETH each
  • There will be 21,000 Gen 1–4 minted in exchange for $SEED
  • When a Stoned Banker is minted, there is a risk for it to be poached by an owner of a Rebel Humal. The original owner of the Stoned Banker loses its ownership to the benefit of a Rebel Humal owner.
  • Stoned Bankers staked in the Protection Program earn $SEED. When a Stoned Banker claims its $SEED, a tax is paid to staked Rebel Humals
  • When a Stoned Banker is unstaked from the Protection Program, there is a risk that all of its unclaimed $SEED is captured and shared amongst staked Rebel Humals
  • Rebel Humals are the only risk-free NFTs to earn $SEED. Their tenure scores determine their share of the captured $SEED.

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